moderated Re: Reply to Sender

Dave Sergeant

Different groups have very different needs. One of my groups is for
television service repairers. The idea was that someone would post a
help request for a fault on a set. When on Yahoogroups the default was
set for 'reply to sender', anybody who could help with the fault would
discuss directly with the sender. When a fault was worked out they
would post a final 'cure' to the group. On we have set the
default as 'reply to group' but that really doesn't work as people
cannot work out how to reply to sender so we have a lot of backchat of
no interest to most of us.

On our amateur radio groups there is often a request by somebody like
'please send me your scores, off reflector'. Because they can't work
out how to post direct we end up with a lot of unnecessary stuff via
the group, it turns out not to be 'off reflector'. (by the way in
amateur radio groups we tend to call these group lists 'reflectors',
something that non amateur radio people probably won't understand...).

However it is done, it is vital that reply to sender is easy and
obvious. It is not at present.


On 27 Mar 2019 at 9:31, Bruce Bowman wrote:

The button was set up this way to gently discourage subscribers from
using something that was not intended to be the primary reply mode of
the group.

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