moderated Let linked attachments have their original names

Samuel Murrayy


[I posted a similar message to GMF.]

Our group just received its first e-mail with attachments, and the attachments are linked to at the bottom of the e-mail, like thus:

Copyright Article.pdf:
Infographic - Copyright Amendment Bill March 2019 (5)_10.pdf:
When I view the e-mail in my e-mail program, and click a link, my browser prompts me to save the file with the name "0", "1" or "2", instead of the attachments' actual names. For me personally, this is only a bit annoying, but I can imagine it must be frustrating for non-geek users who don't know about file extensions, since file "0" etc. won't show up as a PDF file on their desktop.

What can be done about this, and/or what causes it?

I use Thunderbird and Opera. Copy/pasting the link in the browser doesn't change this behaviour.

When I visit the actual message on the web, then I can download the attachments using their actual names by clicking on the attachment icons, so that's one workaround, I suppose.


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