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On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 07:32 AM, Dave Sergeant wrote:
to Sender and a less dramatic word in the reply subject line would be
far better.

I think people are mixing up the name of the button, which could reasonably be changed from "private" to "reply to sender," with the subject line of the message, which currently begins with the word "private" but could not be reasonably be changed to "reply to sender." I do agree that the word "private" for the subject line sounds TOO private. I usually append the word "offlist" to the subject line, which has the effects of both removing the weirdness of the word "private" and takes my reply out of the email thread for the onlist topic. (The word "private" currently appended unfortunately - IMO- keeps the private reply within the group topic in my email, which tends to be confusing.)

So I agree that the button name could (but not necessarily should) be changed to "Reply to Sender". And the subject title could possibly be changed to add "offlist" instead of "private." I think both changes would be slight improvements. 

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