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On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 01:35 AM, Jeremy H wrote:
issue of the 'Your Groups' link at the top of Topics and Hashtags views, which now seems to have rather random effects as to where you go:
And not only the one from the top of Topics and Hashtags views. I was once taken to my list of topics (i.e.,in  all groups), which I had not visited in recent, or even semi-recent, memory, after clicking on at the top. I'm guessing that possibly it was because some time before that I "unfollowed" a topic from another group (from email) and was taken to the confirmation page for unfollowing it, which may be (implicitly) part of the "all topics" page internally? Just a guess. But it was disconcerting. Since next time it took me to the right place, I would not have mentioned it if you had not brought up a similar concern here.

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