moderated Re: Reply to Sender


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 10:43 AM, Noel Leaver wrote:

It seems sufficiently obscure that people can't find it even when looking for it.


I disagree re: obscurity. I think the reply interface was updated (2016?) to the current layout for replies. We have had very few accidental group replies as a result of the layout. I think it helps tremendously with that and mirrors the private reply option on a few other widely used platforms. Especially on a mobile screen, it's very easy to locate. Folks in our groups use the private reply option a lot.

I can see how with large desktop screens it may feel too far away, not sure there is a fix for that.

FWIW the groups I moderate/help with are on in the mid-size range/frequent activity, and I only mention that as data because if people were routinely confused, we'd definitely be getting complaints, but also as reassurance in case your members are new to the platform, that ours got a hang of it real quick.

I am satisfied with the way it is at the moment and would be very apprehensive about any major change to it.


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