moderated Re: Reply to Sender



... and then notice the greyed out button on the right "Private" and
realise this is the same as reply to sender, and that it is not greyed
out because not available but because the option is not selected.
I agree that grey, which usually signifies a control that is not available (doesn't "click"), is a very poor choice for a button that is actually intended to be used.

I would prefer to have a button labelled "Reply to Sender" alongside
"Reply to Group" and get rid of the Private button.
It was once that way. The criticism was that it made it too easy for members to accidentally click the wrong one.

I realise this gives something of an issue with the BCC me option -
how valuable is this?
It is IMO essential for private replies, as otherwise you have no copy of message you sent.

could it be shown anyway and ignored for Reply to Group.
I don't see the harm in leaving it present and functional. A person whose subscription is Digest, Special Notice, or No Email might find it useful to have an emailed copy of their reply.


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