moderated Re: Suggestion-calendar feature


I'm late on this. I see the inconvenience mentioned by Charlie and Gina, but we were enjoying that cal-invite automatically checked on.

After the default was changed to that we just adjusted by moderating the cal-invite hashtag, so that no errors would come through if a member made a mistake setting up an event, and so we could make sure that there are not an unreasonable amount of reminders. 
Having cal-invite checked off by default helped ensure that no one set up an event and forgot to announce it. Which has happened several times and made for surprised members when the first they heard of an event was via a reminder close to the date.

It's ok - we will deal with it! We can manage.  Our group didn't ask for the cal-invite to be checked on by default, but we thought it was a good idea.

I wonder if there is any way for mods to be alerted if a member sets up an event but doesn't check off cal-invite?
Mods could go in and correct that then.
Or for the member to be reminded that they are forgetting to announce their event.

Thank you!

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