locked Site Updates #changelog


Changes to the site today:

  • The @groupsio twitter id was wrong in the Promote Your Group page. Doh!
  • We now strip email headers that indicate the sender is requesting read receipt notices.
  • If you set a name on a member subscription, then clear it, it reverts to what the user's name is set to.
  • We are now re-writing all From lines in emails sent out to include the name set on the subscription. This is also happening in digests.
  • Fixed an encoding issue on re-written From lines for messages sent from DMARC p=reject domains.
  • Added breadcrumbs to member pages showing the member name and email address.
  • Made our HTML to plain text conversion code a little smarter. It now treats divs as line breaks. This will help with digests containing messages composed or edited on the website.
  • Made the user name update code a little smarter. If a user had not set a name for herself, but a moderator had set a name on their subscription, and the user then sets a name in their profile, the name the moderator set is not erased.


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