moderated Re: Feed view now the default


On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 07:04 AM, Jeremy H wrote:
I would also want to be able to have a 'combined' view of Active topics, etc, for my favourite groups. And the ability to set the limit of what is shown - by number or time range (or both).
All of those suggestions are great, but I'm requesting just the bare minimum (for now) to make this functional from my point of view: ability to specify which groups are in or out, ability to specify which content is in or out, and ability to specify which (canonical, not even custom) display order. And ideally, ability to specify which view I want for my home page (/groups or feed). I think these would all be simple and quick to implement. You could add all the desirable stuff later. I just want to be able to even use the page. 

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