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FWIW, maybe of use to admins...

I prefer using keyboard navigation over mouse whenever possible. I access (and the groups list) by entering a "G" into the address bar of my browser. Autofill expands that to

Now, after the change, in order to get to my groups list I have to hit the Down arrow after G to selecct, a small additional effort.

At some point I think the browser will learn that "G" indicates the /groups URL so I won't have to hit the Down arrow and it will once again be the same as previously. Either way, it requires little effort.


On 03/26/19 08:40, Duane wrote:
On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 07:26 AM, HR Tech wrote:

Duane, a question: If there were a "your groups" tab on the nav bar to the
left would that feel more friendly and similar to the habit of clicking
the logo?
Possibly, but I don't think it would "fit in" on a particular group menu.  It's already there on the feed/landing page.  I actually put my bookmark on the browser (Firefox) bookmark toolbar, on the extreme left, so it's close to the original location.

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