moderated Re: Feed view now the default

Jeremy H

I see three issues out of this change:

Firstly, that Feed View has (suddenly - was it there before, but something that we all seem to have ignored?) become the default view - and that it is the default view. My thought is that the default view should be something that each user should be able to select - be it Feed, Groups, Topics, Calendar, .... 

Second that there is a bug in its implementation - apart from Mark Irving's problem:
On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 09:51 AM, Mark Irving wrote:

Making the feed view the default has broken the sort-column links in the (old default, now moved) Your Groups page. For example, if I click on the Latest Message column heading, to re-sort the list, instead I am jumped to the new default Feed page..

there is a problem in that the 'Your Groups' link on the Topics View (and others) goes to My Feed, not My Groups.

And thirdly, that 'My Feed' should be tailorable, as to what is included, and how - the current arrangement by group, ordered by last group activity is not I think how I want it.
J_Catlay's summary provides a good starting point for options
So the summary of my suggestions (and I'll stop here) are:

2. Importantly: Provide an account option to order the groups on the page either alphabetically or by recent activity. In looking back on Mark's original thread about the feed, I see the issue of the group order coming up there as well as now. I consider the current "bouncing around" (as Jim put it) of groups in the display unacceptable.
Also - ideally - a manual sort option, to keep my favourite groups at the top

3. Provide checkboxes for which activities users want to see in their feed (chats, files, messages, etc.)
4. Provide checkboxes for which groups users want to see in their feed.
but I would also want to be able to have a 'combined' view of Active topics, etc, for my favourite groups. And the ability to set the limit of what is shown - by number or time range (or both).


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