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On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 05:57 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
low number of subscribers to beta points towards its being something of a minority interest.
I see a few non-mod members posting from time to time on beta. With the exception of Maria (who speaks on behalf of her non-mod group members), those are the people here who've tended to like or be ok with the feed page.

I think that people who use mostly email, non-mod members, and people who belong to no more than a couple of groups won't be bothered by the feed page. They won't be bothered by the bouncing display order or the amount of content for each group they have to scroll through or the inconvenience of going to their home page to do admin functions. This may indeed be the vast majority of account holders. But most (not all) of the mod members I see posting about the feed here have voiced dislike.

So although Maria may be right that we, the mod members, should "take off our moderator hats" to evaluate the feed page, I personally think our preferences should not be sacrificed for the sake of non-mod members' convenience. Most of us (possible exception of Maria?) are not running for-profit businesses, and we spend more time on the site "working" for our members than our (non-mod) members. Moderator preferences should matter, too.

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