moderated Re: Feed view now the default

Chris Jones

On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 01:42 AM, Jim Higgins wrote:
,,,because I receive all messages from the groups I own and subscribe to as single emails sent to my home email address
What is almost a passing remark contains what I suspect is A Great Truth.

A poll I conducted on the group I moderate revealed that the majority of (our) subscribers used via the web UI only intermittently, with most interacting mainly or only by email. Now if that is true of most Account holders then they will not notice the new Feed page until some time on the future (perhaps never!) so I am strongly tempted to ask who the change was aimed at; what is its intended purpose, and what was the scale of the demand for it.

Now I must admit that I don't particularly like it, (for reasons expounded by others, so I won't repeat them) but at the same time I am not greatly perturbed by it; I can get to where I want to be with a couple more clicks or I can simply create a different shortcut from the desktop.

My greater concern is the change to default settings, and that is under discussion elsewhere so I will not repeat my observations about that either.


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