moderated Re: Maintain Defaults Whenever Practical #suggestion


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 08:22 PM, Duane wrote:
2. Feed page,
I do appreciate the general sense of this #suggestion, but feel compelled to chime in with regards to the feed page.
What we used to land on as a landing page (ie: the Your groups / My Subscriptions page), while great for for admins, was absolutely not a practical way to on board new members, new generations of members, and to keep these folks coming back.

Just because I spend hours on each day doesn't mean others do. I would imagine the average member would have 10-15 minutes a day to dedicate to groups. And if they do, that's great and they deserve to be provided with a way to hit the ground running on their landing page.

I think the page that was formerly known as the landing page (ie: your groups), always felt to me like a temporary page - while the site was in construction.
It was a band-aid and it hasn't even been ripped off, just moved.

We ( as seasoned admins) have got to put our admin hats away or at least take them off when giving feedback about new features that are geared to a better experience for non admins.

With an APP on the way, the service needed this new landing page/activity feed.
I honestly cannot think of any comparable apps that don't have one.

Sometimes, the default is there by default - not because a better alternative isn't available, in the works, or possible.
And I'm fine with that, if it makes the service better.


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