moderated Re: Feed view now the default


Thank you Mark! I think it's great.

I can really see the benefit of this for members of groups, and personally I think it's really helpful for me to put my admin habits aside and view things from the POV of newbie users/members.

I get as an admin - that initial feeling of walking back in to room and things have been moved around, but they really haven't  - the "your groups" page is still there intact and we can admin from there. Hopefully on mobile ( and then the app) there might be a solution to getting there that's as easy as a nav bar icon - but a bookmark added to homescreen is pretty darn easy too.

I'll take that for the added benefit of knowing that newbies can jump in and get a sense of what's going on in a chronological order in the groups they have chosen to be in - rather than what we had before.

I am enjoying seeing activity in groups that I generally don't look at much ( either because I don't moderate them or they are unmoderated) pop up in my feed.
I love the way it moves - exactly as a feed should - along with passing time.

Thank you for moving things forward.
Looks great! feels good.


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