moderated Re: search suggestion - first posts of all new topics

Chris Jones

On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 05:08 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
The requested feature is the ability to produce a list of all first messages of all topics, in chrono order.
Unless I have grossly misunderstood what is being requested, the capability exists now, almost hidden in plain sight.

If I go to a Group (web UI) on which there have been numerous posts since I last visited those Topics that I have not read at all, i,e, the new ones will show the Topic Title in a pale blue colour. If I "expand" that Topic to read through it then when I return to Topics view then the Topic Title will have changed to a pale grey.

However, if a Topic that I have already looked at receives a new post, the "grey" does not revert to "blue", so even if the additions to an existing Topic are more recent than the start of a new Topic and thus appear "above it" in Topics view I can see more or less at a glance those Topics that are "new" because the Titles are "blue" and those that are "old" (and have been read) but have been added to because the Titles are in "grey".

So - on the face of it - what you want is there now. All it needs is a visual sort.

And just in case anyone was wondering I'm using Firefox...


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