moderated Re: Suggested Feature - Provide email "call" for a message by specifying the message number


One more comment on the notion that's frequently propagated here to the effect that "there's already a way to do this, we don't need another one." I think if you call the alternate way a "short cut," in general it might get more respect. Nobody has anything against shortcuts to be used under certain situations and conditions where there's something simple and immediate the user wants. So why on earth not provide the shortcut if it's simple? Nobody has to use it or even be aware of it if they don't want to. There are tons of shortcuts available in all the software I use and I'm generally oblivious to them. But why should I fight against them?

That's besides the fact that there's at least one other use-case I mentioned for this feature, besides the one for which it was originally suggested, where someone may simply want a hard copy of a particular message in their inbox (for other reasons besides not being able or wanting to log on). They may want to forward it or whatever. And there may others.


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