moderated Re: search suggestion - first posts of all new topics

Donald Hellen

J_Catlady . . .

On Sun, 24 Mar 2019 22:39:22 -0700, "J_Catlady"
<> wrote:

it would be helpful to be able to do a search that returns just the first messages of all topics, in chrono order. So the suggestion is to include in search tools exclusion of all messages beginning with "Re:"
That would make searching for a topic much easier instead of having to
sort through many messages all on the same topic, then another topic,
then another topic, and in the current search function, these would no
doubt be mixed in with others (in chronological order). It would take
a while to find the one you want. I think you can do this with Yahoo
groups if you use PG Offline and an advanced Boolean search using
"re:" for the NOT term. I've never thought of using that in PGO.

Maybe once you open the a post in the search list (which woudl be the
first post in that thread), then you could see all posts in that
thread listed, and a way to go back to the search would be part of
this function.



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