moderated Re: Suggested Feature - Provide email "call" for a message by specifying the message number


<<I don't get the idea of re-sending a message, in its entirety, by e-mail at all.>>
Whether it's in its entirety or automatically emailing a link to a msg, it would be a valuable option AND one that many forums already offer (e.g., simplemachines.)  Hey how about inserting both in the email?
<<<We do members no favors by encouraging any kind of "digital illiteracy," and there are very, very few people today who don't know how to use a web browser
If it does, then teach.>>>
You probably haven't been in the seat of teaching your parents (yes, it was "a few" yrs ago) to use a browser or email client, no less to highlight, right-click, copy, paste, etc.  Let me revise that, TRY to teach, 50% unsuccessfully/50% successfully so long as there wasn't more than 2 days between uses.   
That's sitting next to them, not long distance instructions. 
There's just some old dogs who cannot or don't want to learn new tricks.  What's wrong with accommodating them to the extent practical?  The savvy users aren't forced to use any option.


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