moderated Re: Suggested Feature - Provide email "call" for a message by specifying the message number

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


           I'm not saying, in any way, that the function might not be useful, but that given what you need to do to find a specific message number for a message you no longer have at hand, the only way I know of to get that is searching the archive for the message content that lets you find the message then snagging the number.

           I have old individual messages that allow me to go either straight to that message in the archive, or to its topic, but if I have that I don't need a "call function."  If I were supplying a message number to anyone after having located it for them I'd give it to them in the form of the direct link to same.  In the digests I have the View/Reply takes me not to the message itself, but the topic.  The format may have changed since the last ones I generated, though, as I use the web interface almost exclusively.

           It never hurts to have "one more road to Rome," I guess, but it certainly can make things more complicated than they need be, and this is a case where I think that's what it does.


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