moderated Suggested Feature - Provide email "call" for a message by specifying the message number

Bob Bellizzi

I realized that most of our 3500 member depend on email rather that online communication so specifying a message number for answer's to questions and even public or other wiki doesn't help them.  
While we group congisetti move back and forth between online and email, my and many other groups' member's average age tends to put them in the "not hot on internet" set and many of the features that make so great are useless to them.

Our main group for patient advocacy is for a genetic disease area that is currently very dynamic, with new surgeries and non-surgical remedies emerging.  Some subset of people will spend their lives avoiding vision restoring surgery waiting for the ngc (next great cure), and some of those are actually showing up.
So we have NGCs and people who want them. 
To make it possible, it would be helpful to have a special email "command" that calls to have a specific message returned to the "caller" regardless of their email setup definition (no email, special notices, digest, individual, whatever), the message would be emailed to them after they initiated the call.

Bob Bellizzi

Founder, Fuchs Friends ®
Founder & Executive Director, The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation

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