moderated Re: Allow Members to Be Able to Set Photos Sort Options #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 07:46 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I've changed the default sort for both the album view as well as within each album to be most recent first. This is how Flickr does it, and I think that's what everyone's asking for?
If the last sentence is true then IMHO it reinforces the old agage of "be careful what you ask for". I have spent a lot of time with "historical" photos within albums to put photos in a sensible order by renaming photos as 01:, 02:, etc up to nn when nn ≤ 99. The new convention has played havoc with that and the photos now appear in a more or less random order. Now I accept that as an individual I can set them back using Sort by Title^ but I would much prefer to be able to set a Group default for both Albums and Photos back to the way things were.

At the moment, from my group's viewpoint, this change has not been an improvement. .


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