moderated Re: improve/fix logging, etc., of "set display name via email" action #suggestion


On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 01:16 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
If neither of those fields are set, we try to pull the user's name off the From line in their email.

Thanks for the clarification. The problem, and/or misunderstanding, I'm having, is that I or someone, had previously requested, and you agreed, that the display name would be harvested from email only if the member didn't already have one set. I understood that to mean "if the group display name is not already set." But now you're saying that even if the member already has a display name set in the group, that will be overridden if they change it in their user record.

As before, prior to your implementing the request not to change it if it was already set (for which I understood "it" to mean "their display name in the group"), this is problematic for our group, since display names keep changing around and we have to keep resetting them. I was hoping that you would be able to bypass the change in each individual group for which they already had a name set. But if nothing can be done about it, then nothing can be done. (It's at least not as bad as when it changed each time they sent a group message.)

I don't care about the diction in the log entry; I'd already figured out that "set" was a synonym for "changed" in some cases. However, I *would* prefer that this get logged in the member's activity log as well as the group activity log. Isn't this possible?

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