moderated Re: On Topic

Sharon Villines

It was the Yahoo thread that had veered very far away from Beta developments on, but it was really a general comment. The volume of messages here gets very high and when they are off topic it's frustrating.

Muting a topic doesn’t work when I’m interested in the topic but there are a flurry of messages with the same subject line that are off-topic. Everyone who manages a list anywhere can benefit from knowing what is going on with Yahoo at the moment, but in this forum I would expect messages to relate to something group managers at need to know, and /or its relationship to features on

I only occasionally look at GMF now because there are a huge number of messages and most are repetitive. Nothing new.

On my lists when message volume is high and repetitive, or becoming contentious, is post a reminder to only post new information. “I think we have explored this topic as far as it will go until something else happens. Please limit messages to new information.”

I have a large neighborhood list where we get infinite numbers of requests for chimney sweeps and stone masons from new residents. Members will sometimes ask me to stop those messages (muting works well there) but the reason many people join the list the minute they get to town is to find help. It’s their introduction to a very engaged and supportive neighborhood. To tell them to check the archives would be a rejection of their need to ask for help from the best people to give it to them.

On topics like what the major is doing now, I do ask people who join the conversation on day 7 to please read the archives or the whole recounting of events will start over again.

It’s a judgement call but reading the messages, I'm losing track of the purpose of this list.


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