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Jim Higgins

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On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 08:56 AM, Jim Higgins wrote:
It isn't Yahoo's fault if they don't write it down in a safe place.
LOL. Are you "blaming the user"? I did say "used to be" - aka, years ago, the last time I even bothered trying. You did it a few minutes ago.

How convenient that you quoted only a portion of what you said! You actually said, "It is (or used to be) impossible." In my experience it isn't and never was... if you follow directions and if the recovery contact info given to Yahoo is still accessible to the user. Both of those requirements are solely the responsibility of the user.

And yes, I would argue that it IS the software's fault if a user doesn't "write their password down in a safe place" and the system doesn't provide another means of logging in.

Please tell me you're kidding!!! Fault for lacking an alternate means of logging in is in no way related to the fault of a user failing to write down a password. That's an apples and golf balls comparison. It's ALWAYS the users' fault if they don't write down their password. OTOH, any site that doesn't offer password recovery is ignorant/incompetent beyond description. But whose fault a lost password is and what recovery methods are available remain two completely different things... at least to those who think critically. It's different if all one sees is disagreement that must be crushed at any expense.

Imagine if operated that way. This is just one of the (many) reasons why people have left yahoo in droves.

No, it isn't! I guess it's safe to exaggerate like that when surrounded by many who despise Yahoo, but if you'll calm down and be objective for a moment you'll realize that Yahoo has had password recovery since the beginning.

Jim H

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