moderated Re: Action Required: Log in to Yahoo Mail to continue receiving emails

Jim Higgins

That has never been my experience when helping several friends and wasn't my own experience a few minutes ago when I deliberately signed out of Yahoo and tried to log back in while pretending I'd forgotten my password.

Anyone forgetting their password can simply check the "Having trouble signing in" link and follow directions. Of course if someone can't access the email address or other recovery contact given to Yahoo for this purpose... then they're out of luck... but then that's hardly Yahoo's fault.

Upon receiving a recovery code from Yahoo via email (or other recovery route) - and mine arrived immediately - and entering it back on Yahoo, they're given a chance to select a new password. It isn't Yahoo's fault if they don't write it down in a safe place.

Jim H

Received from J_Catlady at 3/20/2019 01:41 AM UTC:

Right, and good luck logging in if you don't remember password. It is (or used to be) impossible.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 6:33 PM Bob Bellizzi <> wrote:
This is the warning that since you aren't sending emails from your yahoo account that they will terminate that account.

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