moderated Re: Yahoo appears to be cleaning house

Dave Sergeant

I had an email sent via my (rarely used) Yahoo email account a couple
of weeks ago saying because of inactivity for over a year it would be
closed. It told me to login to my account to prevent it being closed,
which I did - or actually just clicked on the 'mail' tab when logged
into Yahoogroups.

This was always an issue with Yahoogroups when people who joined were
given a default email which they never used as they did
everything by web access. No way of contacting them as they never
checked the address.


On 19 Mar 2019 at 7:24, Mark Fletcher wrote:

FYI, I'm seeing a lot of email being rejected by Yahoo with the

Sorry, your message to cannot be delivered. This mailbox
is disabled (554.30). -

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