Re: Strip Out Embedded images #suggestion

dave w

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 08:06 AM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
It's particularly annoying when someone has an embedded image in their sig line.

I'd like a group configuration option that would strip out embedded images and convert them to attachments. The super deluxe version of this is that any image in a sig line would be stripped...period.

Given this has revived for another year, I'll add a general agreement Bruce.
But it has to be selective/ elective.
History groups, such as those I belong to thrive on data and photos or documentation that exists in single points of reference somewhere.
Culling all either in-line or attachments on email isn't practical or desirable. Certainly, ego-centric sig files and graphics, are not. Storage is either automated or not.

I'm forced to straddle the world of old (Yahew) and new IOG groups as admin and member. It is frustrating to see continued 'bad practice' from the old recurring here. Re-education is poorly implemented IMHO (by Group Owners I hasten to add)  and some admin/ owners are simply lazy and want everything automated.

Appreciate what IOG gives us and live within it. Enhancements ARE nice, but come at a cost.
Since I NEVER subscribe to email delivery, but always use the group sites (and who belonging to 20-30 interest groups would want all the dross that appears with a few pearls every now and again?) my own life is kept clean and clutter free, except when those pearls are found via group.

Thank you

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