moderated Re: New feed page

dave w

It is good Mark. I like the general format and layout.

Wow,. so much criticism over details now? It is a beta, and as such an idea floating and yet to develop.

While I agree with only a few of the comments above; I'll endorse one area and that is 'sorting'.
Having non-email 'storage groups' hanging over from yunowhere, I personally don't need to see them every day. In fact I've selectively resigned from several simply because they were in most ways unused and just 'verbiage'.

However, this is the same 'sorting' requirement that I submitted a #suggestion for: being able to reorder the 'Your Groups' main menu. Importance or ranking (of groups to each individual) does not reside automatically in alpha-numeric terms. My own list of (reduced) groups is 23. That extends the menu to the bottom of my laptops screen.

Thanks for your efforts Mark. Keep up the good work and enjoy all that snow!
regards dave watt
+Auckland New Zealand+

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