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On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 10:16 AM, D R Stinson wrote:
I have to note that in this situation, once I go to the member page and do the search, bringing up all that member's posts is still not intuitive
Dano, I absolutely agree with you. That's why I jumped into your first post to agree that all of the current processes for finding all posts by a member are awkward, and that I think we could benefit from a better one.

As I noted, this member had no Display Name and no User Name.
The display name is a separate issue and I still have no idea why it keeps coming up here. Having or not having a display name has no bearing on how easy it is to find a group member's post. I wish we could bury the subject of the display name in this context ;)

I think the goal of should be a system that is very easy to use for everyone, is relatively intuitive, and may even have multiple ways to do things if that is useful.
I absolute agree with you, and I am still confounded and, to be honest, still mildly annoyed at the contingent who jumped on you for your supposed "impatience" in bringing this issue up in beta. I'm not in GMF, I did not see the discussion there, and potentially would not have made my suggestion re a link in the members list (which Mark says he's now inclined to implement, even if he doesn't use the posterid there) if you had not brought this up here. GMF and beta are two different groups and if someone sees a need for a feature or wants to suggest some improvement, I don't think they're required to wait until some group of people in GMF approve of that.


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