moderated Re: Finding posts by a member


Once you find the member page, there’s no issue or problem finding all the posts.
I have to note that in this situation, once I go to the member page and do the search, bringing up all that member's posts is still not intuitive. As I noted, this member had no Display Name and no User Name. It still takes more clicks to find results, even if you do think to click again on the email address (which isn't highlighted like a link) and then click on 'View Profile'. Keep in mine too that the system already states right in front of that "User name is not set," discouraging going that way further.

There is a whole group of people on here who pride themselves on knowing every back door and every little twist of the system. I contend that is not useful for Joe Average who's trying to moderate his group and just wants to resolve problems. I think the goal of should be a system that is very easy to use for everyone, is relatively intuitive, and may even have multiple ways to do things if that is useful. I see my value to this group to always have been more in that vein.


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