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I would voice a mild objection to calling this an “action” because nothing is done TO the member. You’re just looking up information (all posts) about the member. But this is just a picky concern. More important is that doing if this way barely cuts down on the number of clicks needed. Whereas a link in the member list itself is the fastest possible route. Finding all posts by a member is something that I (and I’m betting many others, even if not Shal:) do extremely frequently.

BTW, whether or not a member has a display name makes absolutely no difference in the speed of finding all their posts, so I don’t know why this even came up. The display name is only helpful if you are already looking at a post by the member, in which case clicking on it and then “more” and then “member page” and then “all posts by this member” is a longer route than just clicking “more” under the message itself and then “all posts by this member”.

On Mar 17, 2019, at 9:45 PM, D R Stinson <> wrote:

As the one who initially asked this, I will explain that I came to this 'dead end' by first finding the member's email address in the Members list. That gave me a listing of the email address with no Display Name. That listing had a check box in front of it and a tab below marked "Actions". I had hoped that clicking the check mark would offer me a 'View all posts" as one of the Actions.

This way it doesn't appear as anything different on the page and only lists another option in that pull-down menu.


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On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 11:34 AM D R Stinson <> wrote:
Would it be possible to have that search option after we select a member in the member search?

I think this would be solved if I added a link to view all posts by a member in each line of the member display (the code is the same for searching or viewing all members). Would this additional link (or clutter to some) be worthwhile?

UI Question:
- Where should this link go? In the email column, after any badges?



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