moderated Re: Date column in Pending Approval (Members) should be "Applied"


On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 08:00 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Up until about half an hour ago, when you took someone who was a member of your group and then banned them, we didn't reset the date field that we use for the 'Banned' column. So that date will still refer to when that person applied or joined.
Mark, that's fascinating, because the only reason I brought up this issue was that I noticed that that date displayed WAS the date of banning, not the date the member joined (even before a half an hour ago) but was labelled "joined." I distinctly made note of several banned members who displayed that banned date (in one case, a very recent banning, vs. having joined years ago), which was why I complained about the discrepancy! This is very odd. Could it have been an inadvertent/unnoticed prior bug? 

I don't think that whether you show the banned or the joined date matters in the banned list. I just wanted the labelling to be accurate, and it wasn't. If, as you say, that before a half hour ago, the "joined" date was shown, and was labelled "joined," then there would have been no problem. But unless I'm totally losing it (always a possibility), that was not the case. 

Very odd.

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