moderated Re: Finding posts by a member



searching or viewing all members). Would this additional link (or
clutter to some) be worthwhile?
Clutter to me, as I don't find the click to open the subscription page to be that obscure or onerous for a function that I really don't think is or would be so frequently used as to merit placement in the list itself.

That said, I'd recommend using the text of the email address itself as the link, with a tooltip that says "All Posts by This Member" (for consistency with the wording in the Profile and in the Messages). It has the advantage of not consuming additional real estate.

My only concern with that choice is that we may later have a better use for a link on the email address. For example, some might think that the address would be better used as a short-cut to Send Message instead.

I don't really like the idea of adding a decoration (button/badge) after the email address because it would be on /every/ address in the list. The very definition of clutter. If you do add one, make it small like just the magnifying glass icon, and keep it black on white so it doesn't become a jarring jagged column of color down that column.


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