moderated Re: Date column in Pending Approval (Members) should be "Applied"


On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 07:13 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
From #2, however, that means that this date will be incorrect for previously banned people (it will refer to their join/applied date).

Mark, this all sounds great but I'm confused about the above. In fact, I'm so confused that I'm having trouble even formulating a question. Let me try a couple of them:
(1) What happens if a previously banned email address which was never agroup member is unbanned - I assume the record is simply removed from the banned list at the date of the unbanning, so nobody ever sees this "incorrect" date again anyway?
(2) What happens if a previously banned email address is unbanned and then becomes a group member - i assume the date then refers to the Join/Approved (you said "Join/applied"?) date in the group, which is actually correct???
I have no idea what you mean here!

 In any case, I'll start a new thread about the past member list issue.


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