locked Re: #suggestion


On 2/27/2015 12:18 PM, Shal Farley wrote:

Thinking about your question, I don't really _need_ that information to
be on the Invitations page - since the actions (invite, rescind, accept)
will presumably be in the Activity log I can go search them out there if
I want to for some reason.
That would be where I would expect to find it also - invite sent,
invite accepted, moderation lifted - all the actions that can happen
to a member, searchable (or sortable) by user, including the email
or userID or whatever of which mod/owner did the actions. I think
that is what yahoo does. My ggroup is just a backup for a private
group on a private server. Server and owner were offline for a few
weeks so we went back to the gg - and I needed to invite new folks
or folks who had changed email since the last time it was used.

I would not mind expired ones needing manual deleting - especially
if I could "reopen" them (happened - the member was not quick enough
so I had to re-invite).


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