moderated Re: New feed page

Marv Waschke

My use case for the "Feed" (I don't really care what it is called) is simple. Email is a challenge for me. I love it, but I often spend more time than I intend on it, so I try to manage it by avoiding reading email more than once or twice a day and I subscribe to digests rather than individual email. My basic pattern for reading email is to first read personal email directed to me and me alone. Next I go over the swarm of technical newsletters and such that I subscribe to and pick out a few to read that day, deleting the rest. Finally, I get to the good part: my digests and go through them.

Going to the feed page seems like a faster way of covering the digests and would allow me to separate it from my email reading sessions. I would like the order configurable, both the order of the groups and the order of the messages within the group. Also the number of messages to show for each group. But these are all frosting, not cake.
Best, Marv

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