Re: Strip Out Embedded images #suggestion

Jim Higgins

Received from YT9TP - Pedja via Groups.Io at 3/14/2019 09:38 AM UTC:

I would be satisfied with simple message length limitation. If message is longer it is rejected.

And I would not bother if it contains large image embedded or attachment or whatever. On groups I admin, large emails are not welcome. We use email for communication not for file sharing. So far there is no option to set such limitation.

I've never seen a message so large as to be objectionable unless it was a reply to a digest with the whole digest quoted. That said, a size limit on body text would probably be useful in some groups.

In "Settings," under "Message Formatting" you can "Strip Attachments." You might also want to look at Plain Text vs HTML for email.

There's no explicit setting for stripping embedded images, but I'm guessing that's either part of stripping attachments or part of messages in Plain Text. I'm guessing that because I've never seen an embedded image in my groups and I know some subscribers have tried to send them. Maybe someone else knows the details on this.

Jim H

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