moderated Re: New feed page


Hi Mark

On Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 10:15 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
I concur with Duane's suggestion of naming it Summary instead of Feed.
I disagree with this. It's a feed.
It may need improvements to make it more dynamic, and it may need to omit stuff that didn't have any activity – but it's by all definitions an activity feed, not an aggregate summary.
Trying to avoid the word feed just because platforms many of us dislike may use it, is not good enough a reason, unless we can come up with a better definition.

I concur also with Jim's desire to retain the list of groups as one's home page. Though this seems like a good page to add to the list on left, maybe even between "Your Groups" and "Topics".
I can see why admins would want their landing page to be where they can get straight to work. Since I admin many moderated, private groups myself, I get that.
But I don't agree that the list of groups is the best landing page for a member/user, and I think that since most of us here are likely admins, we ought to make more of an effort to view things from the user side. Especially the new user side.

To me, the list of groups serves a strictly admin/settings/index function. I've gotten frequent feedback that it's not clear to newbies where to go and what to do from there.
It does not serve as a way to on board a new member in to the environment, nor does it help existing members get a sense of what's going on, what there is to look forward to etc.
For the same reason that the "topics" page is now the default page that you land on when you go to a group ( there are old threads about that change in this group), the same thinking should apply to the feed, IMO. I love that this page is aiming to have a place where a new member gets the sense of how vibrant a place this is immediately, and from there decides where to go, what to do, and mostly, comes back.

Thank you for your constant drive to update and stay ahead with this wonderful platform.


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