moderated Re: Limit for number of invites that can be sent out without approval, enhacement request

YT9TP - Pedja

I'm guessing, but perhaps that time, the filter only produced 20 or less email addresses that were not already group members.
I found later in the evening that my invitations all passed through. I guess someone reviewed and decided it is ok to let hem go.

Also, I noticed that indeed it was more than 20 new emails. It might be that already works as I suggested but it does not display proper info so it is confusing for the admin.

If you send out 100 invitation requests, then even if the feature enhancement you want is implemented (and it may already be there,
from your comment above), if more than 20 of them are not members, you still run into the same constraint. I don't know if can help you with this.
That would not be the problem as that would be significantly smaller number of emails and I could handle them manually, especially, because I would see which email are new -, while processing invitations, displays statuses so it is clear which emails are skipped as already on the list.

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