locked Re: #suggestion



So for me, all I am used to, and all that I can think of
needing is the unaccepted invites list; no need to know
later if the request to join was initiated by me or the
member. What would you need that info for? (Seriously
My initial reaction was one of curiosity in the other direction: "why would you throw the information away?", either deliberately with a command, or automatically upon acceptance, or (as Mark originally intended) automatically some time after acceptance. Particularly since the table can be sorted by status, one can easily bring the ones that have not been accepted to the top of the list.

Thinking about your question, I don't really _need_ that information to be on the Invitations page - since the actions (invite, rescind, accept) will presumably be in the Activity log I can go search them out there if I want to for some reason.

The page tab is titled "Outstanding Invitations", reflecting Mark's original intent to age out the Accepted invitations. And perhaps if the invitations expire after some time, age out the expired ones too.

-- Shal

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