moderated Limit for number of invites that can be sent out without approval, enhacement request

YT9TP - Pedja

I tried to send invitations to group I administer and got into problem.

"You have reached the limit for number of invites that can be sent out without approval. Once your new invites have been approved, they will be sent out. You will receive a notification when this happens."

I lurked around and found out that is the feature to prevent spammers to quickly create large spam lists. I also found out there is limitation of 20 invites per 24 hours.

That is strange, I did this invitation sending several times before, with list of few hundreds of mails and had no issue like this.

I have no problem with the limitation. I understand it's need and accept it as necessity.

That said, here is my problem. I do try to upload invitations using list of several hundred of emails but most of them are already on the list. I would like if it i is possible, to change site behavior to apply limitation after it filters out emails that are already on the list.

My problem is that we have membership application and all I can get from it is list of all email addresses of all members. I cannot distinguish which emails are already members of group on and which are not. I relay on feature that it checks emails and disregards emails that are already members of the group and sends invitations only for new ones.

That means each time I have to send invitations I have to use complete list even if there are only few new members to add (and usually it is just a few). I guess it is clear that this limitation makes my life as group admin miserable. Simple change to first disregard emails that are already on the list and force limitation only for emails that actually have to be used for invitations would save me as i guess that way I would never hit limitation..

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