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Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/03/08 06:39 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

A part of the (chronically late) app I'm been working on is a new screen, which I've called the feed.
I agree with what some others have said here: the page you created looks more like a summary page.

To my mind, "feed" implies something that is updated regularly (whether by pushing or by very frequent checking) and shows the latest near the top of the list. It occurs to me that if you want to have a "feed" or your mails, all you have to do is filter a copy of all mails into a single folder and sort by date, and there: you have a feed.

Do I understand correctly that you want to have a page that allows users easy access to the latest activity on all of their lists, and that such a page would be aimed at mobile device users?

My biggest criticisms of your feed page are:

1. It shows unnecessary information, e.g. info about each group.

2. It shows labels for non-existing categories, e.g.

Upcoming Events
No Events

3. I have to scroll down 5 screens to get to the information that I really want to see. This is still *relatively* okay on a desktop or laptop, but on a mobile device this kills the app's utility.

I do like the fact that you did not mix all messages into a single feed, like Facebook does (although perhaps there are some users who would prefer such a feature).

So, what I think you should do, is design two different things:

1. A real feed page

i.e. one that shows most recent posts from all groups (or all groups that the user selects to see in his feed), without grouping them by group.

This would be like Facebook -- posts from different sources all appearing in a single stream of posts. Also, allow users to create multiple feeds (each feed being "subscribed" to the latest posts from groups specified by the user).

2. A notifications page

i.e one that allows the user to see each group's posts separately and which allows the user to control how much information he sees on the screen at any moment.

For the notifications page (which you can rename to something sexy), the page will show only each group's name, along with some icons that show various statuses. When the user clicks (sorry: taps) a group name, it folds open to reveal the most recent 5 posts. When a user clicks another group's name, the previous group remains folded open. This means the user can choose to see for which groups he wants to see the most recent posts and for which groups he only wants to the whether or not there are new posts.

The status icons could include:
1. number of posts since a certain long time ago (e.g. past 24 hours)
2. number of posts since a certain short time ago (e.g. past 1 hour)
3. number of posts since the last time you viewed it, or since the last page refresh, or suchlike
4. similar icons for events, since there seems to have groups with events.
5. options to "mark as read" which reset the counts (for the whole page and/or for each group individually)

Other desirable options: when a group is folded open, a "see more" option that (if tapped) shows the next 5 posts; an icon/link on each post that, when tapped, takes the user to that post in the browser; an easy way to manually refresh the page; the option to "rename" each group (so that you're not forced to see the group's actual name in the list, but a user configurable name instead); configurable icons for each group.

I would use a notifications app, since it would allow me to see the most recent activity in multiple groups while keeping things separate and allowing me to choose who much I want to see for each group (either just "how many" new posts there are, or what the new posts actually are).


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