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Sounds like some people would prefer that the “paper trail” stay. Others wish to delete names that are dealt with.

Can we not automatically delete those that have accepted and still be able to delete names if we wish?


On Feb 27 15, at 1:27 AM, Shal Farley <shal@roadrunner.com> wrote:


Delete from list might confuse people.
Cancel invitation?
All seem to intimate that the invited is no longer welcome.
Well, that would apparently be true if a moderator rescinds an invitation whose status is still "Sent". If the invitee has already "Accepted", and is no longer welcome, the moderator must remove him/her from the Members list.

Does anyone want to know who has been added and who
was truly "rescinded"?
I like having both the Sent (not yet accepted) and Accepted invitations listed there. Come to think of it, I would even support the idea of having rescinded invitations stay in the list, with that status, so I'd have a record of who I changed my mind about.

-- Shal

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