locked Re: Roadmap


Thanks Shal.

That might work for us as long as it was searchable.  

We do have our current links broken down into subfolders by category.


On Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 5:02 PM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:

> I'm not understanding how you feel a wiki could replace links.

Fundamentally Wiki pages are rich text pages which can edited by site users. In the case of a group, that would mean the group members (if permitted).

So, members could write descriptions and include links with those descriptions. So a collection of links could be written as just a list of paragraphs, each with a link in it. An additional wiki page, linked on this page, serves as a "sub-folder" and provides a way to organize the links into collections.

But where a simple wiki falls short compared to the kind of links feature Yahoo Groups has is in the organization of the links - in a simple wiki it would all be manual, no sort by contribution date, versus alphabetic by title, versus "who". Likewise, the access control is all or nothing - if members can edit the wiki they can edit anyone else's supplied links as well as their own.

-- Shal

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