moderated Re: New feed page

Sharon Villines

On Mar 8, 2019, at 12:39 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

HA part of the (chronically late) app I'm been working on is a new screen, which I've called the feed. I've transferred that page to the website. It's not linked anywhere yet, but you can see it by going to The idea is to give you a look at the latest developments in your groups. I don't think it'll replace any existing page, but maybe it could become the new homepage for logged in people. I might add recent photos/files/chats as well.
Dinosaur view — what is a “feed” and what does it include — all messages to all your lists since when?

I think first of having to explain things to people who are not involved in any kind of computer related anything that goes beyond finding things and reading, as if a book. Is there a Plain English word for “feed.”

I think it is a good idea, particularly people who read on the web — you can see all new messages instead of clicking to this or that group. If you belong to 35 groups, it is unlikely that all would produce new messages everyday but if you don’t sign in often, it could still be a long unsorted list.


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