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lloyd lehrer

Leave mtg cancelled on the calendar and send to all group members.

lloyd lehrer, (310)951-9097

On Fri, Mar 8, 2019, 9:32 AM Mark Fletcher <> wrote:
On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 5:14 PM Kenny Paul <kpaul@...> wrote:

Desired behavior:
  • The inclusion of a "cancel and delete meeting from calendar" option - << most import and time critical aspect of this enhancement request
  • If a meeting is canceled and an invitation email was sent from the calendar, with or without an RSVP request, a method to send a cancellation notification to the list as part of the cancellation process should be available to the user rather than relying on a separate user initiated message to the list.

Right now, the only concept of cancelling an event is with events that have RSVPs. You can cancel those events and are given the option to send an email to the people that RSVPed yes to the event. The cancelled event stays on the calendar, but is marked as cancelled. Until now, cancelled events were not included in the ICS feed that we publish. I've changed that so that cancelled events are included, but with status set to cancelled. I'm testing that to see if that removes the event from GCal (GCal takes a long time to refetch ICS feeds...) I need to extend the concept of cancelled events to all events.

When you cancel an event, do you want it to stay on the calendar in a cancelled state, or do you want it do disappear, like when you delete an event (ie is cancelling different from deleting)? If cancelling is different from deleting, then I'll add a cancel button to events that gives you an option to send a message to the group. That message will include an ICS attachment cancelling the event. And due to the change I already made to the ICS feed, that cancelled event should propagate to anyone that is using that (assuming the GCal test works).


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