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Sharon Villines


On Mar 6, 2019, at 9:38 PM, J_Catlady <> wrote:

I can see a teensy-weensy point to it, but not enough to overcome the fact that the functionality basically already exists. Suppose you want to have a look at all your earthlink members (god help you if you have a lot of them..) and see how many of them are bouncing vs. how many are not. You would do the sort on email address from the overall members list that Chris suggests, just to get a feel for your statistic. But then, if you want to send bounce probes to all of them, you have to go into the Bouncing Members page to do it, rather than doing it right from your Members list.

If you go to Bouncing Members first, of course you do get all the bouncing members at one go, including the earthlink ones. But you don't see how many of the earthlink members are NOT bouncing. FWIW. It's not a whole lot of extra functionality. But it is a teeny weeny bit.
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