moderated Re: EarthLink

Chris Jones

On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 04:36 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I've been trying to get Earthlink to unblock us.
Mark; Having carried out some investigation within the group I moderate I have identified a possible gap in functionality.

If I sort members by Bouncing one of the Actions I have available is Send Bounce Probe. If, however, I sort by email provider (i.e. by putting something like earthlink in the Search box) I can find all those members with (in this case) earthlink email addresses. This returned 6 members, 3 of whom are Bouncing and 3 not. However, because I sorted by something other than Bouncing, Send Bounce Probe is not one of the available actions.

Would it be possible to make Send Bounce Probe an available action based on whether or not the member concerned has a Bouncing flag, rather than the search route used to find them? When ISP - specific delivery problems are an issue having the ability to do this might prove very useful and less time - consuming.


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