moderated Re: (from beta) Bulk reminders for NCs #suggestion


On Sun, Mar 3, 2019 at 09:09 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
We then have the rather silly situation whereby the NC status remains even if the Pending Subscription message gets a proper response.
Yes, exactly. But the problem (I'm guessing) is that there's no realistic way, at least currently, for to know which groups require a response to the pending notice. It is conceivable that you could come up with a method for distinguishing such groups from the "non pending-response required" groups somehow, by having a separate category, and doing away with the confirmation email for those groups.

BTW, it's not only that the NC status remains in such groups for members who are "virgins" (my own term for not being in any other groups yet). It's that everyone, whether virgins or not, who requests membership in such groups is required to return not only the pending questionnaire but ALSO the confirmation email.

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